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Our History

AMATEC SPA is the evolution of the already known AMA SPA, an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of systems for the management of fuel and lubricants.

AMA was born thirty years ago and has always distinguished itself as a company committed to satisfying the most varied requests of customers in the field of fuel storage and distribution, not only focusing on the simple supply of products, but trying to give complete dedicated services.


Research, technology, production quality

The division "research and development" of Amatec has always been the engine of design and operational philosophy. In dealing with complex situations, our approach is to study and implement simple, reliable solutions

The new projects provide for the integration of fuel management systems with the most advanced photovoltaic and solar technologies, with a view to promoting the use of renewable energy sources with low environmental impact.

Co-design - Specific solutions for each problem:

In thirty years of activity, we have acquired a wealth of advanced technology and specific know-how. The staff of the design office offers customers innovative ideas and support to create "non-standard" products and special systems.
We know how to solve any problem with competence, flexibility and speed; thanks to this particularity, we have managed to carve out an important market problem at national and international level.


360° reliability and security

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We operate according to the strictest control standards, applying European regulations and series of homologations and ministerial certifications to the production process.

We can also count on the UL certification for the construction of single and double-walled tanks in accordance with the American Standard UL 142, for the storage of flammable liquids.

Since 2017 we can also count on the ISO 3834-2: 2006 certification to guarantee the quality and qualify our welding processes.

At the service of your success

All our services include the life cycle aspects of a system or a single product within a plant:

  • Preliminary analysis and feasibility study
  • Project development and construction
  • Transport, installation and testing
  • Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance
  • Staff training
  • Possible deactivation and dismantling (mobile or temporary installation)

Support anywhere, in any situation:

Our assistance network is spread all over the world, to give an immediate and qualified reply to any request.

Authorization to run the systems:

After installation and commissioning, our technicians deal directly with the information and training of the staff in charge of refueling and running the systems, issuing the certifications required by law.

Transport, installation and testing

We will take care of the correct functioning of the system.

Staff training

We will train your staff for any situation.

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