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Since 30 years we have been planning the future to turn it into your present

Amatec is an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of fuel management systems, which range from types of rapid installation to permanent solutions for the storage and refueling (diesel, petrol and aviation jet).

Since the beginning of its thirty years of experience, Amatec has always been committed to meeting the most varied requests of customers in the field of fuel storage and distribution, not only focusing on the simple supply of products, but trying to give complete dedicated services. The dynamism of the property, combined with that of the staff, urged Amatec to maintain a sustainable position among the leading companies in the sector in Italian and international level.
What We Do

Integrated and customized systems

Customized solutions

Your need is particular and you have not found the solution yet ? Amatec can study one with you that suits your needs. We stay by your side in all phases: from the study, design, to construction, up to installation and final testing.


Aviation fuel handling

AMATEC SPA produces systems for the storage, transfer, refueling and transportation of specific fuels for the aviation sector and its special applications.


Ground fuel system

Our above-ground fuel storage and distribution systems allow us to combine the requirements of extremely high quality standards and rapid installation everywhere, even in geographic regions and in the most inhospitable climates.


Power generation & construction

AMATEC supplies various types of systems worldwide, permanent and semi-permanent, of rapid installation for the storage and transfer of fuels, work shop containers equipped with heating, cooling and generating sets.



AMATEC also operates in the AdBlue sector, with customized designs and high quality standards for production plants, including industrial ones, of this indispensable mixture to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.


Military logistics & support system

AMATEC is able to supply, install and operate fuel storage and transfer systems specifically designed for use inside military camps or installations.



The customized storage solutions see AMATEC engaged in the design and production of tanks, pipes, manifolds and anything else necessary for the customer's needs.


AMATEC production also includes units for the transfer of fuel. We offer reliable and easy-to-use solutions, designed according to the specific needs of the customer.


AMATEC production also includes a range dedicated to refueling for construction, logistics, transport and the aeronautical sector, and includes both refueling systems for vehicles and aircraft

Mobile storage

The experience in the design and production of containerized systems allows AMATEC to supply the entire product range also in the mobile version.

Mobile Workshops

The AMATEC Box containers are specially designed, modified and set up to house a wide range of machines and tools used in installation, maintenance and adjustment works on site.

AdBlue® production

AMATEC also operates in the AdBlue sector, with customized designs and high quality standards
for production plants, including industrial ones


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